So we have finally seen PS5 first look in “The Future of Gaming Event”. The first look of Ps5 is really awesome from so many months we are waiting for this because all of us want to see a new gaming console from play station. We have seen ps5 only in white color so right now we don’t know in which color we get this console at launch.

Image source – Play Station 

PS5 has two models a digital one and the other is with 4k Blue-ray Disc drive. So it is clear that in digital one you cant use any disc you have to buy all games from the PlayStation store only but I think this will be a major fact of its price. The disc one is more expensive than Digital ones. that we can see in the future. Apart from this, we have also seen accessories that include Controller, HD camera, a media remote, and 3D wireless headphones.

Image source – Play Station 

Now if we compare PS5 with Xbox series X in size it’s much slimmer than Xbox Series X. The design of PS5 is very different than Xbox Series X but we have seen PS5 only in the vertical position we want to see it in a horizontal position. PS5 design looks more futuristic and something new than the rest of Play Station consoles.

ps5 vs xbox series x
Image source – forbes

Ps5 has a custom AMD Ryzen CPU with an eight-core processor built on AMD’s Zen 2 CPU. Ps5 has GPU is also custom based its power is 10.28 TFLOPs with 36 Compute units at 2.23GHz.

Image source – Play Station 

At the event, we have seen some games for ps5 and most of them are new and some are next sequels of games like Spider-Man, Resident Evil, Hitman3, Horizon2 and many more but the games we are waiting for seeing on ps5 like God of War, Uncharted, GTA VI I hope very soon we will see these games trailers also for ps5 and how can we forget Battle royale games how they look and perform in new hardware of PlayStation5

Image source – Play Station 

They have not revealed anything related to hardware specifications or any changes in the event for now, we have seen only PS5 two variant one is with 4k Blue-ray Disc Drive and the second one is Digital Edition. Now it’s your choice which one you want.


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