Jumanji The Video Game is Good or Bad ?

Jumanji The Video Game  good or bad? Today we will know about this.
so i have played this game on PC. This game is available in all formats like PS4 , XBOX ONE , PC SWITCH also. but on PC it will cost you very low according to the other console. so I suggest you if you have PC so you can buy this game from steam at very low cost.Jumanji-thevideogame-ajaygameshd

Now come to the storyline of Jumanji the video game actually there is no story in this game. it’s just a simple game that you have played in your childhood. so according to us if you are a fan of The Rock you can play this game. In this game, you will get four stages you can play this game with any character that you like. In these four stages, you have to collect four Jumanji missing pieces and fight with bad guys.
Now coming to the graphics of Jumanji the video game. Graphics are not that much good as compare to today’s generation games because now if you see other games are too good as compare to Jumanji the video game

And if you want to play this game online with your friends so you can do that because it has online and co-op mode also. that’s very good because nowadays most of the players want to play games online with their friends.

At last, we think this is just a fun game without any stories. But you can play this game not that bad.

watch full gameplay

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