CRICKET19 ON MOBILE– Hi, friends so many times I heard this question how can I play cricket 19 on Android or iOS devices or How to Download Cricket19 for free so today we are gonna find out will it work or not. Cricket 19 is a really very good game by Big Ant studio and every cricket lover wants to play this game on their mobile. so how can we play this game on mobile? But first, we will find out some detail about this game.

Cricket19 is Big Ant studio’s latest cricket game that was released in 2019. This game has only two teams that are fully licensed one is Australia and the second is England. You will find all the local and international tournaments of these two countries are in good manners. There were quite a few improvements from the previous game that is Ashes Cricket, the main improvement is in the graphic section. You will get action like real players, uniforms, bat, and logo all you will get which are from real players.


Apart from this, you will not find any team real because Big Ant Studio doesn’t have their license. But you do not need to take tension, in this game you will get the option of cricket academy, where you can create your own player’s kits logos or you can download the teams made by other users you will get all the teams from the community.


Cricket19 games will be available to you on PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, and NINTENDO SWITCH. But if you want to play this game on your mobile, then the answer is no. I know that many people from you must have been very disappointed with this, but the truth is that you cannot play this game on mobile because this game is not designed for mobile. BIG ANT STUDIO has also designed a cricket game for mobile (Big Bash) you can download that game for free from Play Store or App Store.

How to download Cricket19 for free, a lot of people also want to know, although it is difficult to get this game for free on PS4, XBOX ONE and NINTENDO SWITCH but there is always an option for PC, if you search on Google, you will get it, but even after getting it, you can face problems like how to download teams from the community because for that you need internet and in cracked games, you can not use the internet

So my suggestion for you is that you have to purchase this game. For pc, you will get this game for a very low price, so if you play games on PC, you can purchase this game from steam, and if you are a true cricket fan that you should support this kind of company buying their games so they can make more games on cricket.

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  1. Bhai mere mai 2gb ka graphic card hai Or 4gb ram Or 500 gb Internal memory hai kya is may game chal skta hai plzz is par video bana do plzzz

  2. yes it will work but at lower graphics setting.for this game you need at-least 8gb ram and good processor to run smoothly with decent graphics card.

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